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How-to load filtration material

Filter media top
Filter media

The image shown above is an example of how a canister filter could be filled with filter material. This example shows the contents of my own canister filter. The blue arrows indicate the direction of the water flow.

The water first passes the ceramic tubes. I have these ceramic tubes in my filter because they do a good job filtering out the larger dirt particles (mechanical filtration) without clogging up the filter too fast and to equal out the flow of water. These ceramic tubes also help out with bio filtration.

Next in line are the medium filtration wads. These wads are placed to filter out the medium sized particles (mechanical filtration).

A large section of my canister filter is filled with ball shaped substrate. This type of filter media does an excellent job on bio filtration. These little orbs have a relatively large surface and are porous to enlarge the surface even more. I prefer ball shaped substrate in order to house bacteria colonies over the classic ceramic pipes.

Activated carbon is chemical filtration material. It absorbs any pollutants like ammonia. I have a permanently section with activated carbon but this is not always necessary. It kind of depends on factors like amount of fish, plants and volume of the aquarium.

Finally the water goes through the section with fine filtration wads. This last filter material in the filtration process filters out the small particles (chemical filtration).